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feel the difference

feel the difference

For us, our motto "Logistics is a people business" is not a phrase but a living attitude. We are there for our members personally, be it to solve problems, create new ideas or make decisions together.


Wings & Sails Logistics LLC - UAE

"Every single success story of the world began with genuine and dedicated people. The ownership of MUNDU Logistics Network has a proven remarkable track record of developing sustainable business relationships over the years. We are honoured and privileged to be a member of this semi exclusive network which believes in personal trust and relationship based business development."

Mr. Dayan Perera, Director

Worldwide Logistics Group USA

"We decided to join Mundu Network due to the close relationships with the members and the wonderful leadership. There are a lot of high quality agents within this network and it has always felt more like a family than just a freight logistics network. Alissa and her team are committed to the quality of the network and also make sure to introduce you to the best in the network for whatever need you may have."

Mr. Tom Peacock, Director Supply Chain Solutions

Diamond Global Logistics UK

"Diamond Global Logistics are very excited at the prospect of joining the Mundu Network.We look forward to being re-acquainted with some old friends as well as making some new friends by joining this exciting new venture."

Mr. Chris Lewis,
Managing Director

Intelligent Freight & Logistics Brazil

"When you are part of a network like MUNDU, you belong to a family. MUNDU represents support, trust and a community of freight forwarders commited to serve each other and grow business among the group."

Mr. Hermann Bunge,
Director of Operations